I grew up 15 minutes away from Thiers, the Capital of knives for France (and the world in my heart.) My grandpa used to take me there to visit the “Coutellier”, the museum, and his favorite knifemaker families. When I turned 18, he took us to pick our first pocket knife. It is probably not a coincidence that I still like to take those trips and bring my family along. I work mostly with two producers and a unique woman artisan that has won many prizes. Contact us and get the blade engraved with your initials or particular knife shape. Great present!

K2 Pocket Knife
Sold Out
K2 Pocket Knife


  • Favelas 3D Printed Pattern
  • Polynesian Art with Violet Wood
  • Mosaic with Olive Wood
  • 3D Perspective with Olive Wood
  • +3
CC Le Thiers Grand Cru Knife & Corkscrew


  • Briar Wood
  • Buffalo Horn
  • Ebony
  • Juniper Wood
  • +2